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Pilsley Church of England School 


Pilsley Village School was built in 1849, at a cost of £513, to a design by Paxton; there is a date stone above the entrance door.  The school could accommodate 122 pupils who would have sat in rows on benches and a single fireplace provided any warmth in the main classroom.  Underneath the school was another classroom.  


During the 1950’s the school was used by villagers for concerts, with a partition to divide the single room space and a stage was erected. Different villagers had their own specialty acts that they would perform to entertain the audience of their friends and neighboUrs.  Prior to the building of the Scout Hut at the top of High Street in the 1970's, the school was also used by the Chatsworth Scout Troop.


The clock on the gable end is by J. Smith and Sons of Derby.  The left plaque on the gable end wall reads "1914 - 1918.  This clock was erected in grateful recognition of the men of this village who fought in the Great War and in affectionate remembrance of those who laid down their lives, Alan Bowering, Harry Brumby, John Fearnley, George Edward Siddall M.M"  It is interesting that until this date the Bowering family who can trace their lineage back to the 17th century spelt their name Bowring.


In 1945, there was a remembrance service for those that served and died in the Second World War and a dedication of the War Memorial.  Five men are named: Gordon Bowering, William Stone, Sydney Lord, Cyril Thomas Neave and George Allen Howard.  The 10th Duke of Devonshire led the dedication and the service was conducted by Reverend Hardy.  Among the choristers were Eric and Archie Oliver.  This must have been a very poignant service for the Duke and Duchess as they had lost their eldest son in the war.  

1945 Remembrance Service

By 1968 the school faced closure as there were only eight pupils attending, of which four were from the Aris family.  Kath Bosett was appointed temporary headteacher.  The closure of Beeley school and the transfer of Pilsley's primary aged children from Baslow school helped to save it and assured Kath Bosett of a permanent post.  Due to the subsequent success of the school, it has been necessary to extend it more than once.  An extra classroom was added in 1969 in matching materials.  The windows in the main building were lowered and the large window in the southern gable end was turned into a linking door.  During the building work,  '1, Duck Row' (which was vacant) was used as a temporary school for lessons.  The weathervane on top of the new classroom is in the shape of a shetland pony.  Kath remained in charge of the school for 12 years and was succeeded by Ann Hall in 1991, Hazel Henson in 2006 and Emma Bond in 2015.

Completed School in 1970

Welcome to our school website. We are a 3-11 year old school and have our own nursery. Please call to book a visit on 01246 583203

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