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Class 3 - Lismore Castle

Welcome to Class 3

Lismore Castle

Hi Class 3!


I just wanted to say that we cannot WAIT to welcome you all back to school on Wednesday :) We are so looking forward to seeing you and hearing lots about what you've been up to in your summer holidays! I hope you've had lots of fun!


Mrs Townsend and Miss Davison have got lots of exciting things planned for you when you come back to school and they have been busy getting everything ready for you in your classroom. I've taken a photograph of your classroom too so you can see how the tables and chairs are laid out in there.


You also get your very own private entrance and exit into school as well! Once you've said 'goodbye' to your adult on the playground in the morning, you will come in and out of school through the playground door. Nobody else will be using this door apart from you :)


Each classroom has been allocated its own toilet block and yours is where the girls toilets used to be. Boys and girls will be allowed to use this toilet but only one child is allowed to use the toilet area at any one time. Don't worry, Mrs Townsend and Miss Davison will tell you all about it next week.


There will be lots of new rules and routines to think about once you are back at school but please don't worry about a thing. We are all here to help you settle back into school quickly and calmly and we will look after you as we always have :)  We will still be having our breaktimes and lunchbreaks outside where you can play with the children in your class and although the way in which we do some things will be slightly different, the vast majority of what you will do will actually be the same! You will still do maths and English as usual in the morning and then the afternoons will be filled with topic work, science, RE, PE and computing.


It's bound to feel a bit strange coming back to school after some of you have been at home for so long but don't worry. It's perfectly natural to feel this way and we will spend lots of time talking about what we feel nervous/excited about in those first few days next week so that little worries don't become big worries. Miss Thompson has been busy telling Mrs Townsend and Miss Davison how wonderful and clever all their new Y3s are so they can't wait to welcome you into Class 3! 


You are all my little Pilsley superstars and I'll be so excited to open the gate on Wednesday and welcome you all back to school.


Have fun and enjoy the last few days of the holidays :)


Mrs Bond

Class 3
Class 3 toilet
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