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We have introduced a more consistent approach to spelling across Key Stage 1 and 2 in order to raise standards further.


Class 1 and Year 1 will continue to develop their spelling through the Read, Write, inc. programme in class.


In years 2-6 spelling rules will be taught in school through English and SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) lessons.


In addition to this learning, children in years 2-6 will follow the Read, write, inc. spelling programme. This is a complete programme, supported by online tools, workbooks and a log book, which will be taken home to enable parents to work together with their child to move spelling forward. The programme will be taught in class for 15 minutes, daily.


Below you will find some suggestions to support the learning of spellings at home.


1* Make a wordsearch with your words. List them underneath.


2* Write a sentence for each word to explain its meaning.

3* Write rhymes for each of your words.

4* Write your words on cards. Select 6 to put on a bingo grid. Turn cards over one by one. If you have the word and can spell it, you can cover it.

5* Play charades with your words. When someone has guessed the word, spell it.


6* Put your words to a number code eg A=1, B=2

7* Arrange your words in alphabetical order.

8* Use each of your words in a silly sentence. Underline the word used.

9* Sit back to back with a partner and test your words.


10* Write your words in different fonts and colours.

11* Write out your words, cut into parts that help you to learn them and glue them in.

12* Design a board game to play with your words. Write the rules too.

13* Illustrate each of your words with a picture.




14* Play hangman with a partner using your words.

15* Paint your words with paint (in the book) or water (outside).

16* Write your words in colourful bubble writing.

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