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Do any of you remember the film Frozen? Well these singers, a choir from Norway called “Cantus” sang music for the film.


Here they sing a song called “The Northern Lights”. A lot of music has been inspired by this amazing natural phenomena.  You will hear some of the singers making a very low “Joik” (pronounced “yoik”) type sound (a traditional way of singing in Sami culture) and other singers seem to sing as high as the sky itself! See what other music you can find about The Northern Lights or traditional Joik singing.

Derbyshire Junior Music Hub.


Click on the link below, then choose any activity from weeks 2, 3 or 4.  

You will recognise some of the music and some things are new.  My favourite new challenge is the clapping challenge in week 2.  

You could of course make up your own tapping patterns and record it somehow.  Let us know how you get on.



Class 4 music. Suggested learning: Listen to / watch any of the music for activity 1, week 1.


Answer the 4 questions or record your thoughts in any way you like.


Learn more about Glenn Miller / practice the dance!


Check out some of these songs.... 

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