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Homework and Spelling Parent's Guide

 4/9/20  English - Read homework guide with your parents/carers. Become familiar with your spelling log book and your reading record. Keep them safe!


11/9/20  English - Write your own instructions for a chocolate treat that Willy Wonka could make in his factory. There is a writing frame for you to use is you would like. Remember all the work we have done this week on instruction writing - especially the imperative verbs - bossy!! E.g. mix, stir, break.


As an optional extra, you have a recipe to make a chocolate delight!



18/9/20 Design your own sandwich. Think of a catchy name for your sandwich. Draw a picture showing the different layers of food. Then write a mouth-watering description. Remember your adjectives and comma lists. Due 25th September. Spellings - Unit 1 words.


25/9/20   Collective Worship school to home link activities. Discuss the points in the 'Things to talk about' section, then choose a candle craft to complete (or think of your own). You can send photos to the News@ email or bring your craft to school for our reflection area. Spellings - Orange words


2/10/20   Maths - Roman Numerals colour by numbers. Spellings - Unit 2


9/10/20   English - Apostrophes to show possession. Spellings - Orange Words


16/10/20   Maths - Column Addition Practice. Spellings - Unit 3


6/11/20   History - The Romans worshiped many different gods. Find out about these gods and write a short profile about each one: Jupiter, Diana, Pluto, Mars and Juno. Spellings - Unit 4


13/11/20   Maths - Children in Need maths sheet. Choose one side to complete, times tables or calculations. Spellings - Orange Words


 20/11/20 English - Anti-Bullying Week comprehension. We have done some work in class around anti-bullying this week. Read the text, together if support is needed, and answer as many questions as you can. Spellings - unit 5


27/11/20 Maths - times by 10 Y3 and times by 10 and 100 Y4. Spellings - orange words


 4/12/20Make and write a postcard sent from the city of Rome. What picture would be on there? What sights would you see on your visit? You can write your postcard to Miss Davison and Mrs Townsend at the school address. Pilsley CE Primary School, Pilsley, Derbyshire, DE45 1UF. Spellings - Orange words


EMERGENCY SCHOOL CLOSURE- FRIDAY 10TH MARCH- School closed to all staff and pupils due to continuing adverse weather conditions.

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