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 6/3/20  English - Direct speech - speech marks worksheet. Due in 13th March. 

28/2/20 - Maths: Fractions colour and label. How many parts make a whole? How many parts are shaded? Challenge 1: are there any equivalent fractions? Challenge 2: is each fraction in its simplest form? 


Spellings (orange words). Due Friday 6th March.

Topic: Due Friday 28th February


7/2/20 -  English: Choose 5 prepositions from the homework sheet. Write 5 sentences related to mountains or rivers using your chosen prepositions. Due back Friday 14th February. Spellings - Orange words.

31/1/20 - Viola: Practice notes for voila concert. Try the following notes by tapping your hands or with your bow. Remember A (tap shoulders), D (tap knees) and G (tap toes). When you 


4 counts per line:


DD AA D-------


DD AA D-------

AA sh sh GG sh sh

DD (freestyle D)


Spellings Unit 8.


24/1/20 - Maths: Revision of written methods to be completed on squared paper. Due back Friday 31st January. Spellings (next 5 orange words).


 17/1/20- English: Use the language on the sheets or brainstorm your own vocabulary, similes, personification and maybe even a metaphor about a river. Use this language to build your own calligram in the shape of a river. You could use colours to write with if you would like. Be imaginative! Spellings Unit 7.


10/1/20 - Topic: Find out about animals that inhabit a mountainous area of the world. How do they adapt and survive? Are any of these animals endangered? Why? Due back on Friday 17th January. Spellings Orange words.


29/11/19 - Topic: Find out about the Bristol Stool Chart - how does diet affect number twos? Due back on Friday 6th December. Spellings Unit 5.


22/11/19 - Topic: Fill in a food diary. Consider how much sugar you eat every day. Due back on Friday 29th November. Spellings (next 5 orange words).


15/11/19 -  English: Conjunctions worksheet to complete. Due back on Friday 22nd November. Spellings Unit 4.


8/11/19 -  Maths: Times Table colouring revision. Due back on Friday 15th November.


18/10/19 -  English: Fronted Adverbials worksheet to complete. Due back on Thursday 24th October.


11/10/19 -  Maths: Practice times table sheets as revision for next week. This sheet doesn't need to come back to school. Year 3 - 4x table. Year 4 - 7x table.


27/9/19 - Topic: Design a mythical creature. Which animals’ body parts could you include in your design? What personality will your creature have? Make your creature using junk and art materials and give it a fabulous name. You could use your Chimera as a starting point! You have two weeks to complete this task. Due back Friday 11th October.


Spellings to be tested Friday 4th October:


Year 3 spellings Year 4 spellings












20/9/19 -  English: Adjectives worksheet to complete. Due back on Friday 27th September.


13/9/19 -  Maths: Practice times table sheets as revision for next week. This sheet doesn't need to come back to school.

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented situation with the rapidly changing advice and guidance around Covid-19. We would like to keep parents and carers as up to date as possible by directing them to the following means of information. The latest government advice can be found at The latest advice and guidance from the Local Authority can be found at Public Health England for the East Midlands information can be found as follows: PHE East Midlands response centre- Telephone 0344 2254524 followed by Option 0 to get through to East Midlands Health Protection Team, then press option 1 and ask for the Coronavirus response centre which opens from 8am-8pm.

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