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Home learning activities January 2021

As we are once again in a National Lockdown due to  Covid-19, the links below will take you to the remote learning. This is provided in order to allow your child to continue their learning at home, should they feel well enough to do so. Please click on the link to access the website, where you will find a video showing a qualified teacher leading the learning, or BBC Bitesize videos and quizzes.


For English and Maths, some units of work are covered over 2 or 3 weeks. For these subjects, please follow the lessons as instructed below for that week's learning.

Week beginning 4.1.2021




Complete one lesson per day. Find the lesson by following the link below. 

Always start from lesson 1. 

Follow the lessons in order - one per day  - depending on how many days you have to complete home learning for. 


As we never finished reading Holes, I found some activities based on the book.

The video says you should go back and check the previous video, but you don't need to as you have heard part one of the story.


Lesson 1: Reading - Holes by Louis Sacher (to analyse character, part 1)


Lesson 2: Reading - Holes by Louis Sacher (to analyse character, part 2)


Lesson 3: Reading - Holes by Louis Sacher (to analyse author's use of language)




Either complete lesson 3 (above) or, if you have not written a book review for Holes, I have added 2 templates below for you to choose from.

Have a look through the other activities on the Powerpoint and decide which ones you could still complete. 


Alternative / Extension activities over three days:

The above is focusing on Part 1 of the story, but we have read up to Part 2, chapter 29. 

If you would like to read the rest of the story, I have put a copy of it below.


Alternatively you might  want to listen to the Part 2 of the story.

Click here to listen to a YouTube playlist from Chapter 29.


Have a go at the questions and activities, including designing a book cover for the story.


Happy reading!





Year 5 Wednesday 6.1.2021 : Lesson 1: Short division 


Year 5 Thursday 7.1.2021 : Lesson 2: Short division 


Year 5 Friday 8.1.2021 : Lesson 3: Short division 


Year 6: If you have forgotten your method for short division, have a look back at the Year 5 lessons.


Year 6 Wednesday 6.1.2021 : Divide four digits by 1 digit


Year 6 Thursday 7.1.2021 : Divide with remainders


Year 6 Friday 8.1.2021 : Short Division  


Year 6, please also complete the worksheets found below.


Other Subjects



Read this page to find out about the Victorians


Watch this video to find out about Queen Victoria


Draw: a portrait of Queen Victoria


Complete a fact file about Queen Victoria using the template below

(complete one page - choose your level 1, 2 3 stars):



Science - Wednesday 6th Jan

We are started a unit on animals and classification in school. Next week the resources and tasks will be on Google Classroom. The resources for lesson 1 are below. Read through the powerpoint before having a go at the classification activity.






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