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Alice in Wonderland-New Versions

If you have not yet read or watched the whole story of Alice in Wonderland, please try to this week. 

Remember if you don't have a copy, you can find the unabridged text here. There are also some shortened versions of the story below, if you would rather use them.


 There are also many film versions of the story.


A 45 minute animated version

Alice animation


The Disney animation - in shorter consecutive clips

Disney Alice animation


This is a wonderful film from 1903 - preserved and restored by the BFI National Archives

1903 Alice in Wonderland

English Week 5


We are in the final week of our Potions topic, I hope you have enjoyed it. In this week's work, you will be bringing together learning from during the term to complete your task. There is a PowerPoint task for you to follow; this is your main English learning for the week. I look forward to seeing your finished tasks!


If you have time:

I have also provided you with a Love to Read resource for Alice in Wonderland. This booklet has a variety of read and respond tasks linked to the story. The first part of the pack gives information about the book and author, which you may or may not choose to read through. After that, a section called 'things to discuss' offers activities and questions for you to answer on different chapters of the book. Obviously you can only answer questions on the chapters you have read, don't worry about the others. 


Please email news@ if you need any help.

Just for fun - I wonder who wrote a version of Alice in Wonderland when they were in Year 2!? Imagine the purple pen needed to improve this!



Sir Linkalot Free App

Book list


Please find below a list of suggested texts to link with Potions. These are not required but intended to help with additional reading linked to the topic. 

 Further Writing Tasks


 You will find additional writing work on the home learning sheet (on the topic page). 

 When you are completing these writing activities please remember our expectations for your writing:


  • Best handwriting - using a sharp pencil where possible
  • All full stops and capital letters
  • Commas where there is a pause in a sentence
  • Expanded noun phrases e.g. The shimmering artefact
  • Brackets to add information
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Vocab words
  • Speech marks
  • A range of conjunctions - because, when, if, although
  • Paragraphs
  • Spelling (use a dictionary to help)
  • Possessive apostrophe e.g. The woman's garden
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