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Homework 15.02.19

Homework this week is based on the very informative talk the children had about keeping safe on the internet, held in school on Wednesday. They have each brought a piece of bunting home which needs a picture of something they enjoy doing on the computer, or using technology for i.e using a tablet. Then on the reverse they need to write down one way they can keep safe when using the internet in school, or that parents can help them to keep safe when using the internet at home. We will use these for a display and talking point in the classroom so please send them back after half term Monday 25th February. The spellings this week are all time connectives which we will be using in our writing next term so will be useful for the children to be able to spell correctly. I have also sent home a copy of the common exception words for year 3 and 4 these are not to learn for a test but as an ongoing revision aid for your child. Our topic next term is I am Warrior which involves looking at the Romans and the Celts.

Have a lovely break

Mrs Webster

Homework 08.02.19

Homework this week is one I would like the children to do independently. We have been learning about division and the children have got a sheet of word problems to complete. I would like them to do this independently so I can check they are comfortable with reading a word problem, understanding what they need to do and then record their answer. If these could come back on Monday 11th February that would be wonderful.


Many thanks

Mrs Webster

Homework 31.01.19

Thank you so much for the time and effort that has been put into the homework on the Earthquake proof house, we have seen some amazing designs, presentations and models. We will put some photographs on the website. In class we are writing a newspaper report about an Earthquake based on information they are collecting from a variety of sources. For homework this week could they write a newspaper report about a family event – perhaps a birthday party or a visit that you have been on. They need to include the following which we have discussed in class

A Masthead






What happened

Please can the report be returned by Wednesday 6th February 2019

Homework 18.1.19


As usual the children have reading, spellings and their times tables which are ongoing.

The homework for our topic is to design an earthquake proof house. This can be in the form of a drawing, a model or a presentation but it is important that they consider how they would prevent the building from collapsing during the earthquake. As this will involve research as well as producing the drawing, model or presentation I would like this returned on Wednesday 30th January 2019 so this homework is for two weeks.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your children’s homework

Mrs Webster

Homework 11.01.19


Happy New Year. After the excitement of Christmas and the holiday we have started our new topic of Tremors, if you still have not brought in your work on a volcano (14.12.19) please bring it in on Monday, the full details are on the website.

This week I would like all the children to really concentrate on their spellings and their times tables. A large number of children seem to have forgotten them over the holidays and this is being reflected in the work completed in class. The children have also selected a picture of a volcano to bring home which I would like them to describe, this needs to be in on Wednesday 16th January.

Thank you

Mrs Webster

Homework 14.12.18

Thank you so much for all the support your children have had with homework this term it is impacting on all elements of their work in both Maths and English. This is the last time I will be setting homework for this term and it is for next week and the holidays.

Please can you keep going over the timetables.

Year 3 - 3,4 and 8x’s

Year 4 - 6,7 and 9x’s

They have spellings for a final test next week.

In addition, please can you start thinking about our topic next term which is Tremors. I would like the children to research a volcanic eruption of your choice but not Pompeii and produce a fact file about the eruption, including:

  • A sketch map to show its location

  • A description of the eruption

  • An explanation of why it erupted

  • Details about the eruption’s impact (both short and long term).

Please can this be returned on Wednesday 9th January

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year

Mrs Webster

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