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Homework 14.12.18

Thank you so much for all the support your children have had with homework this term it is impacting on all elements of their work in both Maths and English. This is the last time I will be setting homework for this term and it is for next week and the holidays.

Please can you keep going over the timetables.

Year 3 - 3,4 and 8x’s

Year 4 - 6,7 and 9x’s

They have spellings for a final test next week.

In addition, please can you start thinking about our topic next term which is Tremors. I would like the children to research a volcanic eruption of your choice but not Pompeii and produce a fact file about the eruption, including:

  • A sketch map to show its location

  • A description of the eruption

  • An explanation of why it erupted

  • Details about the eruption’s impact (both short and long term).

Please can this be returned on Wednesday 9th January

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year

Mrs Webster



For homework this week please can you help your child learn the words to the songs for our Christmas concert. The words were sent home on Wednesday.

30.11.18 Homework

Please find the next times table booklet for your child. If they are confident with their times tables we are looking at division so you can help by turning the multiplication into a division question.

6x3=18 becomes 18÷3=6

I am also sending home the words for two of the carols we will be singing, it will be really helpful if your child can learn the words.

Many thanks

Mrs Webster

Homework 22.11.18

Apologies again for last week. Children in Need was great fun but a little disruptive, everything is back on track this week. The children have some English this week, it is looking at homophones. The children do know the differences between the words but do not use them correctly in their writing in school. It can be difficult to think about it when they are thinking about content, handwriting and punctuation as well so this additional practise is very helpful. Please can the sheets be returned by Wednesday 28th November.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your children’s homework

Mrs Webster

Homework 16.11.18


Apologies in the excitement of Children in Need the homework slips did not go out. They will go out on Monday. The children have their spellings and reading books. Homework this week is times tables. I will send booklets out on Monday. The TT Rockstars is showing that some Year 3 children are not fully confident with their 5xs timetables so they will have those as well as the 3xs timetables. The year 4s have mastered the 6xs timetable but need to revise their 3xs and 4xs. If you wish to do homework over the weekend please focus on these times tables.


Many thanks


Christina Webster

Homework 9.11.18

We have started our TT Rockstars so please make sure you are helping your child to learn the times tables that came home last half term. We are starting with the 3x’s table for year 3 and the 6x’s timetable for year 4. They also have spellings as usual which will be tested next Friday 16th November.

Our homework this week is based on our topic and we are looking at vegetables. Can you find a recipe that uses vegetables that you would like to eat, you can bring in a picture, write out the recipe or bring in the book or magazine the recipe is from. We will need the recipe for Wednesday 14th November.

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