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Choose from this selection of activities to keep you busy this Snow Day!

  • Read! - It could be your school book, your favourite story, a comic, you could find out something new in an information book or you could check out some of these free eBooks from Oxford Owl (free to register and tablet friendly too!)

  • Draw a picture and write about your snow day to show Mrs Bond and Mrs Anderson on Monday.

  • Create your own story on any scale, you could make a little book (how to make an 8-page mini book from one piece of paper) or if you have any left over wallpaper/wrapping paper draw something huge!

  • Reception- Test your knowledge with this Shark Numbers game. (If you enjoy that game you can find loads more here for 5-7 year olds)

  • Create your own finger gym activity at home - we have been talking about how important it is to strengthen the muscles in our fingers so that we can become super writers. Some ideas to get you started could be threading beads to make necklaces, building with lego or make and play with playdough. Here are some more ideas if you are feeling creative!

  • Get outside to dig and build. It is just as important to get those big muscles working hard too. You could take a picture and label it to show Mrs Bond and Mrs Anderson what you have been up to.




If you are looking for some activities to do with your child today, you may want to choose from some of the following ideas:


 Build a snowman! Can you compare its height with something else in the garden? Encourage the language of taller/shorter


We are looking at symmetry this week- can you draw a symmetrical picture? Reinforce the language of 'same on both sides'  Look at the tracks your sledge makes in the snow, can you find any more patterns?


Read your reading book and practise your word packet- Reception


Count how many snowballs you can make in a minute!


Have a go at measuring some icicles!


Draw a snowy picture and have a go at labelling it


We are thinking about favourite foods this week....can you draw a plate with your favourite foods on and bring it into school? Have a go at labelling what you have drawn (Reception)


Have lots of fun in the snow!


Making Christingles

Making Christingles 1
Making Christingles 2
Making Christingles 3
Making Christingles 4

Chatsworth Sculpture Visit

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